Aspen Driving Under Revocation


DUR stands for Driving Under Restraint and DUS stands for Driving Under Suspension. Both refer to charges that you may be facing if you were caught driving with either a revoked or suspended driver’s license in Pitkin County. These offenses are very serious. There are potentially severe consequences for a DUR or DUS charge which can include incarceration, the loss of your right to drive for a lengthy amount of time, and/or large monetary fines. These offenses are described in detail in Colorado Revised Statute 42-2-138(1)(a). The law applies to both residents of Colorado and people who reside in any other state. So, even if you are not a resident of Colorado, you will face the same penalties as an in-state resident if you were charged in Colorado.

If you were caught driving with a revoked or suspended license in Pitkin County, call Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C. as soon as possible. You will have the opportunity to talk directly with one of the attorneys at the firm for an initial, no-cost consultation. Mr. Tiftickjian or one of our other highly-qualified attorneys will take the time to explain the potential consequences of a DUR or DUS charge.

A revoked or suspended driver’s license can occur for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common include being previously convicted of a driving offense such as DUI or DWAI. Your license may also be in a revoked or suspended status because of numerous prior traffic-related violations. There are many possibilities and every situation is unique. If you have questions about the possible causes for your revoked or suspended license the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable defense attorney.

If the reason your driver’s license is either suspended or revoked is that you were convicted of a DUI, DWAI , UDD or DUI per se either within the State of Colorado or in another state, and you are caught operating a motor vehicle in Pitkin County, you will likely be charged with a DUR-Alc. These charges can be very severe. If you choose to retain an experienced DUI defense attorney, your chance of obtaining a reduced sentence or a not-guilty verdict is greatly increased.

A DUR or DUS charge does not necessarily equate to a jail sentence. But Pitkin County prosecutors work to convict those accused of driving with a revoked or suspended license. It is the job of Mr. Tiftickjian and the defense attorneys in his office to fight for your rights and defend you in court. We will do everything possible to achieve a reduced sentence or a not-guilty verdict. Mr. Tiftickjian’s success rate is very high. Having defended more than a thousand clients, his expertise and determination when defending individuals charged with a DUR or DUS is second to none.

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